Offline Video Editing Showreel

After I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Motion Picture in 2011, I immediately joined the professional film industry in South Africa. In a career that spans eight years, I have worked as an office assistant, production assistant, post-production assistant, assistance editor and I have worked with production companies and broadcasters such as  Mnet, South African pay television channel and The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC).

 I am now currently freelancing as an Offline Video Editor, with a diverse clientele such as reality cooking shows Ultimate House Vibes, a sitcom Gauteng Maboneg and a documentary film called Haiti directed by Ashley Ellis a writer, filmmaker and director of experience.

In the past eight years of my professional experience in the film, photography and television industry, I have been exposed to a diverse modes of thinking about the nature of the world; and I have grown to appreciate how the audio-visual profession opens up windows to see and imagine beyond the limits of the general and traditional forms of knowledge and creative production. The technological age has allowed us some form of independence for unlike before filmmakers like me can with little resources pursue stories close to the heart. In that vein I have been able to produce, film and edit films by myself with little resources.