Fight Against Sexual Violence

Words: Terre des Hommes Switzerland 

Photographs by: Cebisile Mbonani

Experiences of violence slow down girls on their way to a fulfilled, self-determined life. The projects of terre des hommes switzerland in southern Africa and Nicaragua show A targeted fight against violence opens up new future opportunities for young women. Around the world, women and girls experience domestic, psychological and sexual violence in their closest relationships. Different traditions, values and norms or state failure and social taboos make it difficult to fight it. Thus, gender inequality and sexual and domestic violence are often seen as normal and not questioned.

The prevention of sexual violence and child marriages is a focus of Terre des Hommes switzerland’s work in South Africa, Moçambique, Tanzania and Nicaragua. In the fight against the causes of violence, the partner organizations tackle different points.

Like Anganathi, many women in southern Africa experience sexual violence. Many stay alone with their mental and physical injuries or they don’t dare to say anything. And when they fight back, the perpetrators often put pressure on them. We support young women to deal with their experiences, report the crimes and find new perspectives.

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