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10 Random Things About Me or Random Facts about me:

  1. I randomly or awkwardly laugh while in a conversation with someone. For example, sometimes someone will be telling me something serious, and somehow I would hear something funny and awkwardly laugh. Also, when I feel awkward, I laugh.  
  2. Usually have songs in my head. If I know you better and am comfortable around you, I will sing that song out loud. Also, I will be walking in the shop aisles, and I will randomly sing. I will randomly sing like no one is listening. 
  3. I watch mainly reality TV, at the top being the housewives or married at fight sight. I love those kinds of shows because I love studying people’s personalities. 
  4. My favorite people in life are people who get in the room and are loud or exude confidence. Maybe it’s because I am quiet and probably dealing with a timid spirit, so I am so intrigued when I meet people like that.  
  5. I love archar. My love for archar is so bad because archar gives me stomach cramps or smelly armpits (cry with me). But Archar with white bread, eggs, and tomato sauce sends me to a place of joy. Or eggs, with pap, archar, and tomato sauce. 
  6. I think I am weird, or people find me weird, but I am one of those people who need a second impression; otherwise, I fail dismally on the first impression. 
  7. I think I am 75% good with money. I just need to deal with the fear I have around money that stems from childhood. I also need to deal with a poverty mindset. But I think I am good with money and I love working for it. Also, I think people think I have money, and I always say, “Lord whatever money they think I have may you double the amount in my bank account.” This brings me to my next point. 
  8. I love! Love working! And even love it more when I make money. But, like I USED to find purpose in being busy and working (I am learning the hard way, this is wrong).
  9. I am quiet but talk a lot when I know you, or I am comfortable around you. I struggle with social events, most of the time I have input, but during the conversation, I will have so many thoughts going through my head that I just can’t put them into sentences. Before I know it, I get lost in fear of saying something wrong and then end up not saying anything at all.
  10. Favorite car Suzuki Jimny. I am so close to walking to a dealership and swipe my card for a Suzuki Jimmy (my card might bounce thou, unless the Lord performs a miracle). But Let me insert a picture so that you can see the glory of this car!
  11. Bonus: Lately, I have been looking at the world through the eyes of rest and stillness. Maybe it’s because I have been holding it together since I was young, and now I feel like I have been out-ran by life (dramatic), and I want to slow down. What I mean by rest, stillness, and taking refuge, is this “If you have been chasing, rest and let it come to you. If you have been seeking it, rest and let it come to you.” By Shannon Evette

Well, those are random thoughts about me. I did not state the obvious, but I will tell you this, I love the Lord my God with all my heart, with all my soul, and with all my mind. 


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    Sir Rams

    If you have been chasing, rest and let it come to you. If you have been seeking it, rest and let it come to you. 🔥

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